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You have the ability to restore human sight.

People who have been deprived of their sight for some time can see the richness and beauty that life has to offer. With your donation, children can once again see their mothers and fathers, adults can see their children, and elderly individuals can live independently once again. Your donation will help individuals go back to work to care for their families, and be an active part of the Kern community.

Your donation is tax deductible.

Service Club Donations

Advanced Center for Eyecare invites all service clubs around the USA to partner with us in the effort to support current sight-restoring clinics, as well as establish new ones. If you are a service club member and would like to get your club involved, please contact our Director.

In-Kind Donations

Each year, Advanced Center for Eyecare’s physicians donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated medical services and supplies to perform thousands of sight-restoring surgeries. Advanced Center for Eyecare is always looking for new in-kind partners both corporate and private. Please contact our Director to discuss our current wish list and this type of […]

Donate Assets

A gift to Advanced Center for Eyecare of appreciated stock, bonds or mutual funds may have a tax advantage to you under current IRS regulations. When you transfer stock to Advanced Center for Eyecare you receive a tax deduction for your charitable gift at full market value, and you incur no capital gains (up to […]

Planned Donations

Planned giving is an important tool to stimulate change in the world. It is one of the greatest opportunities an individual will ever have to provide direction and benefits for family, friends, and charitable organizations. A planned gift can be a gift now or in the future and offer substantial tax and estate planning benefits. […]

Donate Monthly

Setting up an automatic monthly donation with Advanced Center for Eyecare is an excellent way to signify your commitment to eliminate blindness in Kern County. Your monthly donation has much impact because it allows Advanced Center for Eyecare to reduce costs and plan ahead for future programs. Becoming a part of ACE’s highly regarded group […]

Donate by Mail or Phone

To Donate by Mail Kindly make out your check out to Advanced Center for Eyecare and send it to the following address: Advanced Center for Eyecare 1721 Westwind Dr Ste B Bakersfield, CA 93301 To Donate by Phone Donations by phone can be made via credit card by contacting our Administrative office at 661-215-1006. Our […]

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